PromptCloud Search API

The search API can be queried using various logical combinations, specified via the "q" parameter. Below are the other parameters and sample queries

	s -> size (response size i.e. no of records by default it gives max 20 records)
	t -> unix time-stamp (gives result after the given time-stamp)

To search in all fields:
*Note* - &format=pretty_json and &format=html are given mainly to make it look better in browsers. While making calls to the search api from your programs please drop that param. To the query above when called from a program should be

To search in a given field :
Boolean queries : ( note %20 given below was encoded by browser for space)
Example query for after time-stamp

Sort query:

To sorting on single field (by default it sort in descending order)
To sort in ascending order
To add multiple sort filter,index_time:desc


To get result between the dates
To get result after the given date